For us, safe is not safe enough

MAM product development is based on the highest standards of quality and safety. Since the early years of MAM, we have been committed to the highest safety standards for baby products at the EU level. This has enabled us to play a key role in raising product standards not only in Europe but worldwide for the baby industry. Product safety is closely linked to baby health – which is why it is especially important to us. In order to not only comply with the numerous safety standards but also to exceed them, we at MAM set ourselves particularly strict standards. Our MAM quality standards are successfully integrated from the start of every product development process. To date, MAM has had 28 technical inventions protected in 274 patents and has had the design of 54 products and 247 design patents secured. Safety and quality can only be guaranteed through rigorous checks. These are carried out at our MAM in-house laboratory. Our bottles and pacifiers undergo more than 1,000,000 product tests per year with 68 different test methods involving over 12,000 working hours. 

With his involvement the following standards were developed at EU level, and are also being duplicated internationally:

• EN 1400: Standard for pacifiers
• EN 14350: Standard for baby bottles, drinking teats, drinking cups, etc.
• EN 12586: Standard for pacifiers holder
• EN 12868: Standard for stricter nitro-samine limits in baby products
• EN 14372: Standard for cutlery and feeding utensils for babies

Quality assurance at MAM

At MAM we have developed our own quality process that goes above and beyond international standards. To do this, our in-house laboratory brings together all the standards in use worldwide for comparison, and then ensures that our MAM standard exceeds these minimum requirements.

We feel very honored to have received this prestigious award from the European Commission as the first and only company in its category.

Peter Röhrig

MAM Founder