Our carbon-neutral and orthodontic soother

Since 1976, we have been developing baby products that are unique in their design, their function, and safety. For us sustainability and a responsible approach are pivotal. We have aspired to sustainability for many years, and the MAM Original Pure, our first carbon-neutral soother, is another milestone along the way.  

Our MAM Original Pure is

Our first carbon-neutral soother

For us sustainability and a sense of responsibility are pivotal, right from the start. Which is why we are passionate about developing products that protect babies' health and minimize the impact on the environment.

What does carbon-neutral mean?

What is bio-renewable materials?

Our new MAM Original Pure soother provides the same great advantages as the MAM Original soother. However, the soother shield, button, and steriliszer box are made from bio-renewable materials, or to be more precise, plastic (polypropylene). And what makes this plastic so special? Thanks to the  ISCC PLUS certified mass balance approach , it can be traced back 100% to renewable raw materials, that is, residues from vegetable oil production and already used vegetable oils.

* The bio-renewable material is a plastic that, thanks to the ISCC PLUS certified mass balance approach, can be traced back 100% to renewable raw materials.

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