MAM Original Soother

Designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth

Our MAM Original soother with its thin and symmetrical teat shape is a tried and tested product that has been on the market for many decades. The unique MAM design made with bio-renewable materials combined with the wide range of collections make it a reliable and sustainable soother for every situation.

Orthodontic soother teat

Non-nutritive sucking is an important source of comfort for your baby. Therefore professionals recommend soothers, when breastfeeding is well established. Yet parents often express concerns regarding the potential effects of soothers on their baby's oral development. A particular worry revolves around the thickness and hardness of many soother teats, placing excessive pressure on the teeth and jaw. This can result in misalignment of your baby’s teeth. For the MAM Original soother we developed a symmetrical, thin and jaw-friendly teat small enough to minimize the impact on your baby’s oral development, while still satisfying your baby’s sucking need.

MAM Original soother age ranges

The MAM Original soother comes in 4 different sizes for a perfect fit for every age.

How to sterilise a soother?

The MAM Original is packed in a soother box that acts as a handy carrying case and lets you sterilise the soother in a few simple steps. The self-sterilising function of MAM soothers enables them to be disinfected hygienically and quickly in the microwave in an energy-saving process.

Sterilised in 3 minutes – for up to 48 hours
  1.  Fill box with water to the 25ml mark.
  2. Place soother in the box with the holder.
  3. Close box and heat in microwave for 3 minutes at 750-1000 watts.

Sustainability at MAM

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 2.)Bio-circular raw materials can be traced back to already used vegetable oils as well as waste and residues from vegetable oil production using the ISCC PLUS certified mass balance method. 
 3.) Global Product Carbon Footprint Study, Austria 2013, conducted by denkstatt.