Respect for your share of work


Equality at work and in raising children? Even the youngest ones notice very early when both parents are equally close to them and share the work at home. Playing, cuddling, changing nappies, feeding, or comforting: Mum and Dad play an equally important role.

Zoe Watson

Nurse and Midwife

A demanding job often competes with the tasks that await you at home: As a nurse, midwife, and mother, our MAM expert can tell you a thing or two about this. A division of labor can be a very good solution for new parents. Modern companies like MAM support flexible working time models, making it possible for both parents to be there for their children equally. Right after birth, it is important that both mother and father have a lot of contact with the baby - this strengthens the relationship right from the start. Joint doctor’s appointments and check-ups are also recommended. When parents share the same knowledge, they are both equally confident. That provides security in dealing with the baby.